Monday, 8 August 2016

Paragon Pro Wrestling: Episode 58 Review

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Patrick Scattergood

Reviewer Note

This is my first visit to the world of Paragon Pro Wrestling but I'll be filling in as much information on the various feuds as possible.  Also the matches aren't going to be a move by move recap.  I'll pick out the things that stand out the most for me and then offer my opinion on if I liked the match.

Episode 58 opens with a quick recap of the past episode before bursting in to the first match, a tag team opener.

The Hippies (Fruit Loop and Lemon Drop) vs Keepers of the Faith (Gabriel Gallo and Don Vitalli)

The Hippies are a rather strange team, one that feels like a throw back to 90's WWF wrestling when you had wrestling dustmen and police officers.  The Keepers of the Faith are the complete opposite, a no nonsense and hard hitting team.

The match started with The Hippies deciding who would be first by using paper, rock, scissors.  Needless to say, despite their best efforts, the opening of the match really didn't go well for them.  The Keepers of the Faith used some old school, power based moves to keep both members of The Hippies down and literally spent a large chunk of the match throwing them around like rag dolls.  Despite a couple of minor hope spots for The Hippies, including a stellar stunner that lead to them getting some quick moves in, this was a glorified squash in order to get The Keepers of the Faith over with the resident crowd.

Despite the quick hope spots, The Hippies were quickly defeated with an impressive move called the Meet Your Maker, a powerbomb / top rope clothesline combination that nearly decapitated their opponent.

Winners: The Keepers of the Faith (Gabriel Gallo / Don Vitalli)

We were then treated to a major title match in the shape of the Paragon Pro Wrestling Championship.

Jacob Austin Young vs 'The Paragon' Alex Chamberlain (Champion)

The glasses and beanie wearing Young certainly seemed popular with the home crowd here.  I'd heard of him before but had never seen him wrestle before so I'm looking forward to this one.  His opponent, Chamberlain, came to the ring taunting Young and pretty much saying that the match was going to be the best thing Young had ever done in his career.

Young burst straight in to some very quick speed based attacks and really impressed me with some great looking counters to go against Chamberlain's methodical power based fighting.  However, after a quick flurry, Chamberlain took over and really showed some great charisma in the ring.  Young then countered and started to regain some momentum in the match before Chamberlain countered a Sliced Bread attempt with an unseen low blow.  Chamberlain then spiked Young with a vicious looking DDT for the victory.

Winner: 'The Paragon' Alex Chamberlain

After the match Chamberlain then called out the team of Jesse Sorenson and Wes Brisco to accuse them of kidnapping him in previous episodes, despite the kidnappings always happening just when his title was in jeopardy.  After a short back and forth, Brisco and Sorenson corner Chamberlain only to be attacked by a pair of masked man, who then escape.

Brisco and Sorenson then challenge the unknown team to a match before brawling outside the ring.

Wes Brisco / Jesse Sorenson vs Unknown Masked Duo

Brisco and Sorenson are the Paragon Tag Champions and take control of the match early with a lot of well crafted team work.  I have to admit that I wasn't impressed with Brisco's tenure in TNA but here, his moves are a lot more fluid and smooth, which showed here.  The masked team then took over and spent a lot of the match working over Brisco with some hard hitting moves.  However, once Brisco made the hot tag to Sorenson, the match kicked it up a notch and Sorenson really impressed me before hitting a super kick in to a german suplex to end the match for the tag team champions.

Winners: Wes Brisco / Jesse Sorenson 

Anthony Greene then had a backstage interview but was interrupted by Caleb Conley, who berated Greene by saying that Greene's win over him was little more than a fluke.  Greene was hilarious here, especially with his complaint of "But I followed you on Instagram", but Conley ended the fun by slapping him in the face and accepting the challenge for a match on the next show.

After a lot of hype by the commentary team, the main event was next.

Drew Donovan vs 'The Vampire Warrior' Gangrel

This match came about after Donovan was paid off to cost Gangrel a couple of title matches and then Gangrel cost Donovan a match against Anthony Greene in retaliation.

Donovan tried to end the match before it had even began by telling Gangrel that it was nothing personal and was just business before leaving.  Gangrel gave chase and the pair of them brawled around the ringside area.  It was a good change to see a grudge match start with brawling instead of locking up and doing normal wrestling moves so, as a fan, it was appreciated.  Gangrel took the better hand of the brawling for a long time before Donovan leveled him with a stiff clothesline before entering the ring to start the match properly.  The match was well in control for Donovan thanks to his methodical but fluid big man power arsenal. Gangrel took advantage of a slight mistake by Donovan and fought back before trying to hit the Implant DDT but Donovan escaped to the outside for yet more brawling.  This resulted in a double count out.

All in all, there was enough quality here to make me want to not only check out the next episode but also to check out the previous ones too.  The only downside to the episode is that while I appreciated the brawling between Donovan and Gangrel, there just felt like there was something missing but I can't put my finger on just what that something was.

Definitely one to check out again.

Score: 6/10