Friday, 7 August 2015

Reuniting the Screams: Ruth Reynolds talks to COASM

Ruth Reynolds, star of the recently released movie ‘Reunion’ has kindly popped in to our part of the internet to chat to Patrick Scattergood about her career and influences.

PS: Firstly, welcome to COASM. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here.

RR: Thank you for having me!

PS: What would you say was the biggest part of your decision to enter the acting world?

RR: I got addicted to telling stories and realized my dream could be my reality.

PS: You’ve had a wide range of roles, perhaps being best known for the movie The Guest House but what role would you say is the one that you are the most proud of?

RR: I get excited about every new journey I get to embark on. I really enjoyed working on a film we shot recently called Dessert. It was a new experience knowing the character I was playing was the writers real life story. I got the opportunity to develop a character to portray her truth in everything she was and wanted to share with the world

Screenshot of Ruth Reynolds in Dessert
PS: Your most recent role is that of the young Mia in the psychological horror Reunion directed by Shawn Chou. What drew you to the movie? 

RR: I love Maria Olsen’s work and I saw that they were casting the younger version of her character. I was excited that I would have an opportunity to work with someone I admired. Then I got the script and was blown away. A psycho thriller that can make you sympathize with the cast as well as fear for their lives. I knew then I wanted to be a part of the project.
Behind the Scenes of Reunion
PS: A lot of praise has been given to your performance as Mia in which your portrayal mirrored that of Maria Olsen’s performance superbly. What was it like working with such an important name in the horror world?

RR: Unbelievable! She built a beautifully broken character. To get the opportunity to work with her was something I had been hoping to do. The opportunity I got to work with her, as her, was unexplainably awesome!
1172714_458271134304866_4070323841300641660_o (1).jpg
Behind the Scenes of Reunion with Lucas Barker
PS: As a reviewer myself, Reunion came as a breath of fresh air in that it was a horror movie but also tackled the tough and hard truth of domestic abuse. What kind of preparation did you have to go through to shoot such hard to watch scenes? 

RR: My first day on set, Maria and I talked about the story and the character she had developed. We both had an instinct of protecting the kid. This meant survival and doing whatever it took to keep him safe. Christopher Wolfe, my husband in the film, and I built a trust that allowed us to be present and deal with the real life situation of these characters.
Behind the Scenes of Reunion with Christopher Wolfe
PS: After working with such talented people as Maria Olsen and many others, who would you say would be your dream person to appear in a movie alongside? 

RR: That is a very hard question, there are many people I would adore to work alongside. If I had to pick just one, right this second, I would say Juliann Moore.

PS: When getting ready for a role or appearance, do you have any quirks or traditions that you follow?
RR: Before walking out my door I always tell myself, it’s time to go play!

PS: During your time as an actress, what would you say has been the strangest or funniest thing that you have seen written about yourself?

RR: I honestly am not sure.

PS: What do you like to do during your down time in between your appearances?

RR: I adore spending time with loved ones. If I am not with friends or family than I am most likely reading, hiking, learning something new. I also have a blast volunteering at local charities and as a Coach for Girls on the Run LA.

Operation Gratitude
PS: Where can your fans see you next?

RR: The next flick coming out is Voodoo! A couple shorts and I am excited to say we will be shooting in the next year, Witchula (Excited to work with Maria Olsen again!!!)

I will also be in Austin for the Austin Revolution Film Festival! I'm honored to say that I am up for Best Actress in a short for the film Kook!

PS: Thank you very much for popping in to our end of the world to chat with us today.

RR: Thank you! Have a beautiful day!

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