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Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards - Seasons 3 and 4 Review

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Patrick Scattergood

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Titan Books

Television Tie-In, Art


Adventure Time’s adorably weird and wonderful post-apocalyptic world has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. 
Featuring all the title cards from seasons 3 and 4 of the show, plus early sketches, creator commentary, and exclusive insights into the vast and varied inspirations behind the art, the second volume of Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards is an absolute must-have for every fan.


Since it's premiere episode in 2007, Adventure Time has grown in leaps and bounds.  The story of a boy and his strange dog like creature going on crazy adventures burst forth from the mind of Pendleton Ward and an absolute crowd pleasing creation was born,

Last year Titan Books released the first volume jam packed with art, background information and interviews that not only pleased fans of the show but also gave newcomers to the series a fantastic glimpse in to the inner workings of the popular television show.

The thing that worried me was that maybe the second volume would feel like it was little more than a repeat of the first volume and that it wouldn't cover any new ground at all.  That was massively far from the end result.  Instead we have gotten what can only be described as an absolute treasure trove of a book that will not only thrill fans of the show but will hopefully show other people just what they are missing by not watching.

Art wise, and let's face it because that's one of the main things that people have bought this book for, it's near unbeatable.  There are so many different styles of art here that you really can see just how talented a team the people behind Adventure Time are.

I've always though that the title cards for Adventure Time never seem to get enough credit for what they actually are.  They lay down the foundations for what the episode is going to be about or even what style the episode is going to take.  That's an important part of the appeal of the show.  The title cards may just seem to be eye candy on a passing glance but they are so much more than that.  That's why a book like this is so welcomed by the fans.  The insight in to the creative process of making the title cards and the show is an absolute gem.  I loved the little tidbits that they put forward and the quotes accompanying the title cards are brilliantly picked and really fit the book like a glove.

All in all, if you are an Adventure Time fan then this is most definitely an essential purchase because it truly does capture the feel of the show perfectly and gives the gorgeous title card art the space in the spotlight that it truly deserves.

Presentation 9.5/10
Informative 9/10
Recommended 9.5/10
Overall 27/30

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