Monday, 16 February 2015

Doctor Who: Seasons of War - Tales From A Time War Review

Review By
Patrick Scattergood

Written By
Matt Fitton
Declan May
Warren Frey
Lee Rawlings
J.R. Southall
Kate Orman
Simon Brett
John Davies
Andrew Smith
Matthew Sweet
Christopher Bryant
John Peel
Jenny Colgan
Elton Townend-Jones
Daniel Wealands
Lance Parkin
Sami Kelish
Dan Barratt
Alan P. Jack
Nick Mellish
David Carrington
Alan Roland
Matt Barber
Jon Arnold
Matthew Sylvester
Paul Driscoll
Elliot Thorpe
Paul Magrs
Jim Mortimore
Barnaby Eaton-Jones
Gary Russell
George Mann
Andy Robinson

Art By
Paul Griffin
Carolyn Edwards
Simon Brett
Paul Hanley

Introduction By
Declan May

Preface By
Nicholas Briggs

Edited By
Declan May

Published By
Chinbeard Books
Nicholas Hollands

Science Fiction, Adventure, Television Tie-In


"They retaliate in ways more inventive, more deadly and more unimaginable than ever before. Events are written and unwritten again and again. History is changed. Future is altered. Every moment in time and space is burning. The Time War is about to enter a new phase. Whatever you call yourself, you’re going to be very busy..."

A War that threatens all of time and space…

A man who has renounced his name and everything he stood for…

A battle being fought across the universe between old enemies, both sides keeping dark secrets that must never be revealed…

SEASONS OF WAR is collection of stories featuring the War Doctor, created in support of CAUDWELL CHILDREN.

It is an unofficial charity anthology raising money for Caudwell Children and dedicated to the memory of PAUL SPRAGG. It features more than thirty contributors, including GEORGE MANN, LANCE PARKIN, JENNY COLGAN, PAUL MAGRS, MATT FITTON, JIM MORTIMORE, ANDREW SMITH, JOHN PEEL, KATE ORMAN, MATTHEW SWEET with a special preface by NICHOLAS BRIGGS.

Accompanying the anthology is an exclusive comic strip and short film.


One of the things that you can sometimes notice the most about anthologies is the simple fact that the quality of the stories can go up and down wildly as you work your way through the book.  That said, there are anthologies that can sometimes, just sometimes, hook you in from the first page and not let you go until you finish the entire collection.

Seasons of War - Tales from a Time War is an unofficial companion piece to the popular War Doctor character played by John Hurt in the long running Doctor Who series.  Appearing in just the 50th anniversary episode of the show, the character has an air of both sympathy and mystery around him that makes him a very interesting character.  With so little known about the character himself, I was wondering just how the authors here could not only do him and the show justice but to also keep the air of mystery and sympathy that surrounds the character intact.

Well, after reading this one, I have to admit that I am very impressed with the effort and obviously love of the show that they have put in to the collection.  You can tell from the writing that the people involved here really know their stuff and have done a great job of not only getting to the heart of the character but also the theme of the show.

You have a lot of tales here to sink your teeth into.  If you are a Whovian, there are a lot of things here that will really hook you in.  In fact, you wouldn't know that this is an unofficial collection at all.  It's written so well that it can not only stand alongside the various books and collections put out by BBC Books but is also one of the best ones out there.

I have to admit that there were a couple of stories that didn't hit the high standards of the rest of the anthology but even those stories were extremely well done, it's just that the best ones were so good that you couldn't take your eyes off of the action unfolding.

As well as the stories, you are treated to such absolutely fantastic art as well.  They really stood next to the stories in such a good way that it added another well thought out layer.

If you are a Whovian then I really can't recommend it high enough.  Not only are you getting some absolutely fantastic stories featuring a superb character and many more from the long running series but you are also helping to raise funds for an extremely good cause too.  What more could you want?

Story 8/10
Cover 8/10
Characters 8.5/10
Recommended 8.5/10
Overall 33/40

For more information on the cause and the collection itself then visit their site here!

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