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The CatMan Cometh: Brad Linder Talks to COASM

Today here at Curiosity of a Social Misfit, we’re joined by Brad Linder for a chat with Patrick Scattergood about the launch of his Kickstarter campaign to bring the adventures of the superhero CatMan to the masses.

PS: Firstly, thank you very much for popping in to our part of the Internet to chat with us here today.
BL: Thanks for having me!

PS: With so many indie comic books coming out seemingly every day, what made you want to step foot in to the crowded world of the indie creator?

BL: I'm a life-long fan of comics and have always wanted to take part in the industry. I decided to take the ' Stan Lee ' approach, which is to create comics that I and fellow creators that are also fans would like to read and produce. We are specifically after that group that grew up with comics but comics didn't continue to grow up with them.

PS: What or whom would you say has been the biggest influence on you writing wise?

BL: I have a lot of influences but a specific couple are Stan Lee, which his direct plot approach. Then, Peter David with his layered approach, always having a strong story on the surface but also having an undertoned bigger plot pushing through. Then, writers like M. Night Shayamalan and Stephen King, which both have their original take and twists to story-telling that are never exactly what they appear.

PS: You’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to make your comic book CatMan: Evolution but what made you decide to go the crowd funding route?

BL: I wanted to go this way because I want to see FireStorm Comics fill a void in comics that blurs the line between mainstream quality and independent creativity and freedom. Crowdfunding is under utlized in the comics areana due to being approached by campaign creators looking to build fans and sales of the books in short run, instead of supporters and backers of the project that can make a larger impact and then support itself in the industry and growing from there.
I'm trying to show people that this is an amazing book and an outstanding team of creators and to continue to make comics and help the industry, we need to redefine what we do in these campaigns.

We are asking for a larger run to open the independent comics market into mainstream outlets and show people that we can do both in building independent creations and have our books in the mainstream shelves for fans to see and support.

We just have to get thete and with the support and backing of fans that want to see books like CatMan Evolution, as well as others we support, it can happen!

PS: To any of the readers out there that aren’t familiar with the character of Catman, how would you go about describing him to them?

BL: CatMan Evolution is a story about Darren Merrywether, the modern day CatMan incarnation, which in the FireStorm Universe, is the grandson of the 1950's Cat-Man hero. Darren hits the ground running from page #1, dealing with the hero and man he is becoming, as well as dealing with the pending hostile takeover of his family company that his grandfather built.

PS: Catman: Evolution has a charming, almost old adventure feel to the story. What influenced you to bring the character to life?

BL: As previously mentioned, I'm a fan of comics and wanted something with that direct plot feel of ' good vs. evil ' , as well as layering the story on multiple levels. I wanted an iconic hero that would bring everything into focus very quickly and clearly for the fan-base and what better than an anti-hero struggling to define himself as the guide into that world. CatMan is one of those characters that people can easily relate to and is a great jumping off point into the FireStorm Comics Universe.

PS: With so many superhero comic books in the indie market at the moment, what do you think makes your title stand out and be noticed?
BL: With the CatMan Evolution title, we are opening the door to the original approach of the FireStorm Comics continuity, which is contained in itself. The story is defined by how the characters all came to be. The FireStorm Comics Universe is set in a unique timeline all its own. What people know of the original Cat-Man, Darren's grandfather no longer exists the same way in Darren's world. CatMan has truly evolved into something completely different and new!

PS: What other projects do you have in the pipeline?

BL: We have LoneRider: Frontier Galaxy, a sci-fi/steampunk western, where a man is left for dead due to a crimeboss wanting his land for ore deposits. The hero comes back as a masked vigilante on the planet of New Kansas and becomes the face of law in the new frontier.

We also have a number of other titles in production currently, which we will bring out at a later time. We want to stabilize our production and keep the schedule as planned, to maintain quality and focus required to give CatMan Evolution the support it requires right now.

PS: As an indie writer yourself, who would say are the creators to look out for?

BL: It is an open game right now, as with the mainstream redefining itself in such a massive scale and indie creators putting out amazing projects left and right, there would be too many to list here. However, I suggest using and the facebook group and page of the same name to spread the word about upcoming campaigns you would like to support.

PS: Where can fans of your work see you popping up next?

BL: I've got the ongoing issues of CatMan Evolution that will be coming up and a couple of non-FireStorm projects coming out in the next couple of months. We are so busy with the current titles being developed and produced that I am am limited to what I am able to bring out right now. what I can reveal is that we are going to be doing a podcast for and promoting interviews with kickstarter creators, as well as my own comic & marketing show in Jan. 2015.

PS: Do you have any last words for the aspiring writers or the fans out there?

BL: Always remain a student of your craft, while always striving to master it, yet never actually doing so. Keep your mind open to new methodology and approach. Bring your best effort and produce every day. When you choose to take part in the industry, keep in mind that community over competition builds growth in the industry and room for more of us to succeed and make a living doing what we love to do.

Create more titles, banners, projects, companies, comics and awareness that you support the industry to make it grow so that more creators can come together and strengthen the industry as a whole...not just for ' you ' to work in the top 100 titles, but to create 100 new titles for new creators to work in with you.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here! 

Also check out the Facebook page for Firestorm Comics

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