Saturday, 6 September 2014

Free Preview of The Meek: Issue 1 Now Available!

Hello there visitors to this site.

With my first comic book Flesh Tones: Issue 1 already available, the march to get issue 1 of one of my other titles is more than on the go.

The Meek is an apocalyptic series that will not only explore the world from the 'heroes' point of view but also explores a theme of what it truly means to be human in this new world of violence, gore and lawlessness.

After a virus has wiped out 90% of the human population and left them to die in agony, some of the victims started to rise again.  Six months later and they are getting smarter and more intelligent with each passing day

The series will explore the main question of who is more human.  Edward, a man that cuts down the creatures roaming the Earth without a second thought or the creatures themselves that are only doing what they can to survive?

Flesh Tones: Issue 1
Written By Patrick Scattergood
Art By Dan Charnley and Lee Taylor

Is Available From
The Dark Pond Creations Store! and Drive Thru Comics Here!

The Meek: Issue 1 Preview
Written By Patrick Scattergood
Art By Carlos Moreno

Is Available From
Drive Thru Comics Here!

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