Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Three Belles in We'll Meet Again Review

Review By
Patrick Scattergood

Written By
Matt Wingett

Published By
Life is Amazing



As the vintage singing trio, The Three Belles, perform their 1940's show at The Guildhall, Portsmouth, more than just memories of a bygone era are awoken.

A mysterious stranger appears to one of the Belles, with a proposal of love...and a promise of death.

Determined to find out the stranger's secret, The Belles must race to uncover a story of mystery and undying love, before time runs out for one of them.

Mixing vintage times and the modern day in a powerful tale of betrayal and supernatural romance, this is the first in a series of adventures starring The Three Belles.

Look out for their next adventure, coming soon!


I have to admit that I picked this title up on a whim after visiting the city of Portsmouth on holiday as it sounded interesting.

With the amount of hype and fascination surrounding the emergence of vintage as the next big thing fashion wise, I put off reading this one as I felt like it would just be a title that jumped on the bandwagon but a couple of days ago, I picked it back up and gave it a read.

The main characters here are based on a real life singing group and because of that, their characters come across as realistic and true to life.  That helps give the story an emotional edge so when one of the members is in danger, you really want them to succeed in saving her.

Story wise, there were a couple of moments where I felt the writing gave the characters a couple of moments where they succeeded too easily and that there wasn't any risk and that's a bit of a shame because the rest of the story was very well written.  That's most true with the descriptions of their surroundings.  You really do feel like you are there with them and that is fantastic considering the history surrounding Portsmouth.  

The story felt like a labor of love for Matt Wingett and that shows here in the passionate writing.  There were some really haunting moments of tragedy and love during the story and it full on gripped me right through to the very end.  Also, one of the things that struck me was the simple fact that the pacing was spot on for this story.  While the writing felt quick at times, there was plenty of time for the characters to breathe and come to life.  It's the same with the city too, Wingett really uses it as an additional character and that gives the story such a vivid feel to it that you can't help but be sucked in to it.

All in all, this is a great and quick read.  The writing really captures the feel that makes vintage so popular but to dismiss it as merely that would be a shame because it really is an interesting and involving story.

If you want to grab a book that is well paced, has an emotional slant and a great air of mystery then it's definitely well worth grabbing a copy.

Story 7.5/10
Characters 8.5/10
Cover 7/10
Recommended 7/10
Overall 30/40

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