Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Mansion - Now Up as a Weekly Web Comic!

Hey guys, girls, animals and minerals.

For those regular readers of the blog know, I've been working on a myriad of writing projects.  I'm working on a graphic novel called Freak Show with the artist Carlos Moreno alongside the horror icon Bill Oberst Jr.  I'm also working on a zombie series with Carlos Moreno called The Meek, both of these will be under the panel of Dark Pond Creations.

I'm also working on some titles with the artist Dan Charnley as well, one of which is the supernatural series Morbid Detection and a shorter story called Real Horror.

However, I started work on a short story called The Mansion with the brilliantly unique artist Lee Taylor with a view to putting it together with a couple of my other stories as a one shot.

To get a feel for my style of writing and to dip my toe in to the business end of the writing side of things, I figured I would put some of the short stories up as web comics  to see what the  readers of this site thought of my actual comic book work.

Hope you enjoy it and come back every Sunday to see new pages!

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