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The Story Behind: 'Real Horror'

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Patrick Scattergood

As a newcomer to the comic book writing world, I've been slowly but surely learning my craft.  In fact, I've been incredibly lucky.  Thanks to the review work I do on this site, I've made friends with people such as Victor Wright from Geeky Kid Comics, Gary Crutchley from Accent UK, David McCluskey from Dammaged Comics and many more.

That's when I was lucky enough to be asked by Victor Wright to be involved in his next project.  An anthology called 'The Geeky Book of Horror'.  There would be a few other writers involved but we were given free reign to create two stories of our choosing to be included in the collection.

I came up with two stories.  One called 'The Mansion', which I will talk about in a future article, and another called 'Real Horror'.  After a couple of additions to the script here and there, I found a superb artist in the shape of Dan Charnley.

Surprisingly he seemed very eager to jump in and illustrate my story despite me being an untested rookie.  After changing a couple of bits here and there to hook in to the strengths of his art, he was more than happy to put pen to paper so to speak but how did the story come about?

I wrote 'Real Horror' after I'd finished up 'The Mansion'.  I was sat here racking my brain of something that would stand up next to the work of the other writers involved but at the same time I wanted it to be something a bit different.  That's when it struck me.  A lot of people out there, myself included during some of my darker moods, think that the world is pretty much going to Hell in a hand basket so to speak.  Just so much evil and violence, amongst other things, are happening all around the world that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  There are so many times when I have sat and watched the news and just wondered why people have to be so damn evil to each other sometimes.

Promo For 'Real Horror' - Copyright Dan Charnley

That may seem a little melodramatic and I suppose in some ways that is kind of true yet it lead me in to wondering.  What if there was a bigger picture?  What if someone were watching all the horrible things that were happening in the world?  Hell, what if someone wanted it all to happen just to watch the world burn itself to ashes for his amusement?

I suppose in a way, my fascination with God's, demons and many other things really showed through in the ideas that just flowed from my keyboard.  I handed it in to Victor and after a couple of minor changes to improve the flow, it was accepted.

Well, I know I'm not a very rock and roll writer when talking about my work but hopefully you found it interesting or at the very least stayed awake until the end of the article.

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