Monday, 21 April 2014

Random Thoughts on My Writing

An Article By
Patrick Scattergood

I was asked today about my dreams for my comic book writing career that I am trying to embark on.  For some that would be a relatively tricky question but for me it's not.  In fact, it's rather simple so I figured I would sit here in front of my lap top and have a bit of a write about my hopes and what makes me tick.

Don't worry if you don't want to pay attention, there won't be a test.  Or will there?

Well, writing wise, my hope is relatively simple.  I want to write stories and I want to have people read them.  If I get just one person message me here, on Facebook or Twitter or even talk to me in the street just to say they liked one of my stories or have even read one then I would consider that a success.

Career wise, that's a simple one too.  Would I want to get so known that I could write for one of the big two?  To be honest, no I wouldn't.  I know most of you would laugh at that but I just want to write the stories that I want to with the characters that I create.  I love the freedom of that.

As for the being known bit, well, my hope there is a bit of a cheesy one to say the least.  I love going to comic book conventions whenever I get the chance to but it is always as a fan.  Even if I only manage it once, I would love to go there as one of the folks behind the table selling his wares.  If I manage that, then I'd class that as a success.

Along the way, I've been so lucky to get time with people that I hugely admire that have not only taken the time to give me advice but to also help me learn my craft in what is essentially a cut throat industry.  Yet I have only ever stumbled on one bad apple so to speak.  That person wasn't dismissive of my writing, he just refused to draw one of my characters because the character is gay.  Don't get me wrong, it's never full on pushed out there that he is, merely implied but it's something that makes that character who he is.  Yet that one bloke wanted to change the character in to a woman or he wasn't going to draw the series.

Well, that's guys loss and out dated mindset is my gain because I have been lucky enough to not only find an artist that is fantastically talented but one that truly gets where I am trying to do with my 'Morbid Detection' series.

To end things on a rather cheesy note, I look at myself now and when I compare that me to the one from a mere couple of years ago, I realise one simple thing.  I really am one lucky S.O.B.

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