Saturday, 22 February 2014

Kensington Gore's Twisted Tails Announcement

Hello guys and girls,

As you dear readers of this blog know, one of the first stories I ever had published appeared in a charity collection entitled 'Kensington Gore's Twisted Tails', that was released to raise much needed funds for the charity RSPCA.

Previously it was only available in an E-Book format but now, it's available in paperback!  Yes that's right people, you too can have this brilliant  collection of short stories on your book shelves but who is in the book?  Well, get your eyes around this list!

Kensington Gore
Graeme Parker
Maria Olsen (yes, the hardest working woman in horror also writes!)
Leesa Wallace
K.A. Hambly
Terry Tyler
Will Chandler
L.A. Ferris
Payton Autumn
Patrick Challis
Hache L. Jones
Gerry Guarino

I wrote my story, 'The Scared Crow', under my original surname of Challis, after reading a story about a parent that had gone to majorly extreme lengths to protect their child and it started to make me think.  What exactly would a parent do to protect someone?  And more so, what would they do if their mind was completely fractured?

While my writing has improved since then, as my confidence has grown, this is still one of my favorite stories out of all the ones I have written.

There's some amazing stories in this collection too.  You even get one from the amazing authors Leesa Wallace, Hache Jones and Kensington Gore!  Not only that but you get a story from the horror legend herself, the hardest working woman in horror Maria Olsen!  Plus the proceeds from the book go to a well deserving charity so what's stopping you?

If you are still undecided, read this review from the amazing author Sharon Stevenson.

'Kensington Gore's Twisted Tails' is a collection of twisted short stories, each featuring an animal in some very different ways. I would say most of these stories could be classed in the horror genre but there's some sci-fi and humour thrown into the mix also.

Normally I find collections from a variety of authors like this to be a bit of a mixed bag but I'm glad to say that wasn't the case with this well compiled collection. Each story was satisfying in it's own way and all of them were of a well written standard. I enjoyed My Wife Bob, The Scared Crow, The Lucky Rabbit's Foot and Kensington Gore's own short stories the most. My Wife Bob was twisted in a clever and amusing way. The Scared Crow was atmospheric and spooky with a very unexpected twist. The Lucky Rabbit's Foot read a bit like a fable and it both horrified and amused me. Kensington Gore's stories were immensely entertaining.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading these fantastic stories and was entertained from start to finish. I would recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys a good short story. The collection has been put together very well and not only that, the profits also go to charity. What more can you really ask for?

Well for those of you that want to get a copy and help the charity then here are the links.

For UK Amazon customers click here! 

For USA Amazon customers click here!

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