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Shadows in the Woods: An Interview With Maria Olsen, Wain Bradley and Jimmy Jett Westmoreland

We here at COASM have got a treat for you guys and girls.  With the announcement that horror icon Maria Olsen is set to star in the new movie ‘Haddie’, we thought we’d treat you with a special interview.  But this isn’t just any old interview.  Instead we have not only Maria Olsen but also Wain Bradley and Jimmy Jett Westmoreland as well!

PS:  Firstly, thank you so much for popping in to talk to us about the new movie guys.

JW - Thanks for having us.  It's hard for us not to talk about the movie.

WB- Thanks Patrick for giving us the opportunity to share not only about our film but working as an indie filmmaker today.

MO – You rock, Patrick! Thank you SO much.

PS:  How would you all describe the new movie ‘Haddie’ to our readers?

JW – An atmospheric horror movie.

WB-. An old fashion horror movie, with creatures moving in the shadows, intense dramatic music, and moments of terrifying surprise.

PS:  What inspired you guys to create a horror movie such as this?

JW – We didn't choose it as much as it chose us.  That being said, as the writer, I love horror stories.  I grew up reading Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, etc., and watching the  Universal and Hammer movies.  I have a long love affair with the genre.  When I saw and heard Wain's work on an experimental film we did, I knew that we should take advantage of his dark musical expression.

WB - I was introduced to Haddie as we finished our last film. We both wanted to do another project but this time, take the things we learned, make the best film with the highest production value we could afford.

PS:  You’ve cast the ‘Hardest Working Woman in Horror’ Maria Olsen in a main role.  How did your partnership with her come about?

JW – Of all the manager and agent offices we should have had to go through through to be introduced to Maria, we actually met her through Facebook.  It was very quick.  She read the script, we reviewed her reel, and we all fell in love.  It was very romantic in that “sweep you off your feet” sense for me.

WB - Maria’s reel and the many looks she presented on camera, just knocked me out. We had always said Haddie would be a tough role to fill as she is many things. With Maria’s range as an actor, Haddie is a great fit for her.

PS:  Maria, what drew you to ‘Haddie’ and made you want to jump straight in to filming it?
MO – Anyone who knows me knows that I thrive on challenges and that I get tend not to perform at my best when I don’t have enough to do. I’m also always looking to push myself to see if I can actually discover my limits – nope, haven’t found them yet – and I thought that the role of Haddie with its physical, mental and emotional challenges would indeed push me to perform at my best. And then there’s the matter that Jimmy Jett and Wain have created a wonderful script that I just can’t wait to sink my teeth into... It’s also not often that a leading female role is written for a woman in my age category – be that in horror or in mainstream or other genre movies – so I’m very, very lucky to have been chosen to play this one.

PS:  While making and writing movies, do any of you have any quirks or traditions that you follow?

JW – If I'm home, I always write in the same spot - next to an old manual typewriter, a zombie head in a bowl, and a stuffed alien.

PS:  In the horror world, who would you say has  been the biggest inspiration to you all?

JW – All the legends; John Carpenter, Roger Corman, Alfred Hitchcock, Rob Zombie...  There are so many.

WB - Ridley Scott/Alien, Chris Carter/X Files and Robert Rodat/Fallen Skies.

MO – Sissy Spacek in Carrie, Sigourney Weaver (The “Alien” series counts as horror, right?), Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, my mother (who ADORED Dracula and introduced me to everything Dracula at a ridiculously early age!)

PS:  What can horror fans expect to see from ‘Haddie’?

JW – Although modern, Haddie is basically, a good, old-fashion horror movie.  We have monsters, we have the dark, creepy house in the woods, we have characters just like you, your friends or family who find themselves trapped.

WB - A married couple going through difficult times in their relationship, money problems, different dreams and unknown infidelity, while all hell breaks loose outside Haddie’s house. 

PS:  As you all know, the horror genre is crowded with movie after movie but what would you say makes yours stand out above the crowd?

JW – With talent like Maria Olsen, Erica Hubbard, Steve Railsback, and the rest of our cast, my first answer is THE ACTORS.  The horror films I most like are the ones with great actors, who give the characters depth and let me get into the movie and not come out until it's over.  Right behind that is, the story of Haddie is a little more character-driven than a lot of horror movies, and Wain's editing and sound design are amazing.

WB - I have second what JW shared. The cast of course, but I keep being told from the actors, the layers of the story and the personal chaos wrapped into the script, will give the viewer maybe something to identity with in their lives while we wait for the next creature to pop out.

PS:  When can fans get to see ‘Haddie’?
JW – We're scheduled to begin production in May and hope to have post completed by the end of the year.

WB - The first thing I will work on will be a trailer to have something we can use to create interest in the film and give everyone a flavor for what Haddie will be.

PS:  So, after Haddie, what will be next for you all?

JW – The sequel to Haddie is being scripted now and will go into development as soon as Haddie's in post.  Hopefully my next collection of novellas will be out as well as the novel The Gathering.  Also in 2014, development starts on a 1970's horror remake.

WB- I will move right into development of the sequel and start the fund raising so we can present the next chapter of the tale. 

MO – I get back to Los Angeles and go straight into shooting the horror feature Agoraphobia, produced by the awesome Lou Simon and the kick-ass Tara Cardinal! Yes! You heard it here first!!!!!

PS:  Thanks for taking the time to speak to us here at COASM, personally we can’t wait to see the movie.

JW – Thank you very much for letting us speak about the project.  It's going to be a very, very wild ride!

WB- Thanks again Patrick and we encourage everyone to swing by our Facebook page and hit the like button, and tell your friends, this is going to be a different kind of horror movie.

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