Monday, 14 October 2013

Light of Darkness: Days of Reckoning Review

Review By Patrick Challis

Written By Victor Wright

Published By Geeky Books

Horror, Fantasy


Poppy Applebaum is an Angel, but has no idea. Everything seems to be normal in her life, until a series of unexplained murders within a 40 mile radius of her home, turn the small town into a haven of terror. And Poppy's missing father could be the link between Heaven and Hell.


Victor Wright is best known for the comic books 'Exposed' and 'Lawless' amongst others but now we have a full length novel but does it live up to the quality of those comics?

If you're thinking a resounding yes is the answer then get yourself a cookie because you're are 100% right.

Here Wright has crafted a superb story that does one of two main things.  One it's a fantastic stand alone story that is addictive to the reader and really draws you in to the world that he has created with his dark yet methodically paced writing style.  Secondly, it works very well as the introduction to what I hope will be a series of novels featuring these characters.

The methodical pacing really gives time for the story and the characters to grow as the plot progresses and that is one of the main strengths of this novel.  Not once does the story feel rushed, instead Wright  seems to be able to just get the shock or twist in at just the right time to get the best reaction from the reader without resorting to cheap and cliched tactics.   There's no unnecessary gore or bad language here nor is there anything that I would describe as other the top.  Instead we have a subtle yet chilling story with some really well rounded characters.

Talking of the characters, it was a pleasant surprise to find a set of characters with their own motives and personalities in a book from this genre instead of just being there to be killed off or just to make up the numbers.  That's always annoyed me when a supernatural genre story does that.  The characters are another part of the book where the pacing really helps because as they grow in the story and you get to see just what is going to  become of them, you actually find yourself being quite attached to the characters themselves and wanting to see just what they'll do next.  That really makes this a massively addictive book. I said to myself more than once "just one more page, just one more page" and before I knew it I was halfway through the book.  Considering this book is more than 300 pages long, that's no mean feat.

As a fan of his comic book work, I was really eager to read this novel to see if Victor Wright's skill at weaving a story in that medium would translate  well to a novel and it does.  If anything, it works even better because there's more room for  the story to breathe and more scope to give what happens a cinematic feel.  That's exactly what you get here.

If you are in to your supernatural horror stories but without the cliched 'shock for shocks sake' style writing that seems so popular these days then you really need to get this novel.  The deliberate pacing will really hook you in from the first to the last page and leave you wanting more.  To be honest, as a reader, what  more could you want from a book?

Story 8/10
Characters 8/10
Recommended 9/10
Overall 25/30

'Light of Darkness' is available from the following places.

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