Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An Interview With Singer / Songwriter, Sarah Bird

Leicester singer / songwriter Sarah Bird very kindly popped in to COASM recently to have a chat with Patrick Challis about her music and her career so sit back on this rainy day, grab a glass of wine and enjoy.

PC:  For any of our readers out there that may not be familiar with your music, how would you describe yourself and your style? 

SB:  I would say that my music is a mixture of pop and soul with a retro sound.

PC:  You sing with both bands and solo but do you have a preference at all? 

SB:  Nothing beats fronting a band, it takes a lot more organizing, but the end result is electric. I also love the comradery that goes along with it - your band becomes your extended family.

PC:  When did you first become involved or interested in music? 

SB:  My parents are musicians and were professional musicians for years. It’s in my blood. My first time on stage was at the age of 5 – on one of my parents’ gigs.

PC:  Who have been your biggest influences? 

SB:  The artists I draw most inspiration from musically are Alicia Keys, Noisettes, Nikka Costa and Allen Stone. I love the showmanship of Nikka Costa and Shingai Shoniwa(Noisettes) they just let go on stage, and it’s never a boring show!

PC:  As a fellow Leicester dweller, which would you say is Leicester’s best venue to perform in? 

SB:  I love to play the Musician, I’ll be supporting music legend Roachford there tomorrow evening (note: was on October 15th). I also enjoy playing gigs at the Donkey on Welford Road.

PC:  With a lot of the venues in Leicester being quite intimate, have you had any funny gigging stories stem from that? 

SB:  I was singing ‘Stop’ by Sam Brown, I hit the high note, which is then followed by a short silence. In the silence, a guy said “sh*t the bed!” I don’t think he was expecting the silence and the whole place just erupted with laughter.

PC:  Which of your songs would you say you are the most proud of? 

SB:  I’m very proud of Trouble, it’s my favourite track of the EP. I wanted it to build, which I think it really does.

PC:  What do you think of the Leicester music scene and how would you bring it more to the forefront of the musical world considering Leicester is up for the city of culture? 

SB:  I think the Leicester music scene is good, and has a lot of dedicated people who make it what it is, and I think it’s building every day, with more and more opportunities for people to get out and play. I think some bigger names would bring it to the forefront of the musical world. It’s a bit of a shame that we have 2 large stadiums, but neither put on regular gigs. 

PC:  You have recently recorded an E.P. that was recorded by Neil Segrott at Tiny Studio’s, how would you describe the E.P. itself? 

SB:  I’d describe it as an intimate and soulful account of the important things in my life. It features song about New York(the place I would live if money were no object) love and band relationships. Hopefully tied up in a catchy, accessible package! 

PC:  What’s next for Sarah Bird? 

SB:  I’m going to continue working hard on my music. Since the launch of my EP, I’ve gained a lot more recognition. I hope this will continue!

For more information about the supremely talented Sarah Bird then please visit her site that can be found here

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