Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bones of the Lost By Kathy Reichs Review

Review By Patrick Challis

Written By Kathy Reichs

Published By Scribner (US) and Random House (UK)

Crime, Thriller


When Charlotte police discover the body of a teenage girl along a desolate stretch of two-lane highway, Temperance Brennan fears the worst. The girl’s body shows signs of foul play. Inside her purse police find the ID card of a prominent local businessman, John-Henry Story, who died in a horrific flea market fire months earlier. Was the girl an illegal immigrant turning tricks? Was she murdered?

The medical examiner has also asked Tempe to examine a bundle of Peruvian dog mummies confiscated by U.S. Customs. A Desert Storm veteran named Dominick Rockett stands accused of smuggling the objects into the country. Could there be some connection between the trafficking of antiquitiesand the trafficking of humans?

As the case deepens, Tempe must also grapple with personal turmoil. Her daughter Katy, grieving the death of her boyfriend in Afghanistan, impulsively enlists in the Army. Meanwhile, Katy’s father Pete is frustrated by Tempe’s reluctance to finalize their divorce. As pressure mounts from all corners, Tempe soon finds herself at the center of a conspiracy that extends all the way from South America, to Afghanistan, and right to the center of Charlotte. “A genius at building suspense” (Daily News, New York), Kathy Reichs is at her brilliant best in this thrilling novel.


Kathy Reichs has a reputation for creating well paced, exciting crime thrillers with twists and turns galore.  Thanks to the short story 'Bones in Her Pocket', that had a a preview of this novel included, I was really eager to see just where Reichs was going to take the Brennan character.

I have always loved the way that Reichs changes Brennan a little bit with each passing novel.  Sometimes the character  will become a little more cynical, a little colder and other times, she'll become a little braver and more gung ho about her investigations.  If you were to go back and read the first 'Bones' stories and then read this one you could notice all the subtle little changes in character.

With this story managing to be both hard hitting and massively addictive, you just can't put the book itself down.  In fact, you just want to find out every little thing that is going on yet with Reichs pacing, it feels as if you are investigating alongside Brennan.  You find yourself getting as interested in each little clue or bit of information that she finds.

While I really enjoyed the short story that I mentioned earlier, I actually much preferred this one in places as thanks to the intelligent writing that is normally in the 'Bones' stories and thanks to the great characters that come alive as the story  moves along.

It's true that is not the fastest paced crime thriller that I have ever read but that's part of the strength of the novel.  The pacing feels fast enough to make the story exciting yet slow enough to allow the evidence to breath and the characters to grow.  That also gives the book it's emotional edge and that raises it above some of the other thrillers out there.

I would definitely say that this is definitely an essential purchase for all Kathy Reichs fans.  It more than stands up next to the her other novels.  If you're not a 'Bones' fan but love intelligent thrillers then this is going to be right up your street.

Story 4/5
Characters 4.5/5
Recommended 4/5
Overall 12.5/15

'Bones of the Lost' is available to buy in the US from August 27th and the UK from August 29th

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