Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cyrus Says: An interview with Tig's Daddy (Colin McCredie from 'Woolly and Tig')

Joining us today for a very special 'Cyrus Says' is Colin McCredie, who plays Dad in 'Woolly and Tig', for some indepth and very important questions.

Cyrus:  Why you name Colin?  My cat name Colin.

CM:  Colin is a great name for a cat!  I need to ask my Dad why Colin?

Cyrus:  You Tig's Daddy, what you like to play with Tig?

CM:  What is great is all the fun places we get to film at. The Zoo, a funfair, a Castle, museums and even a Car Wash!!

Cyrus:  Tig lose her hat, scarf and gloves at museum.  It take long time to find them?

CM:  I think Tig tried really hard t hide them from me, cos she is a bit cheeky!

Cyrus:  What Tig favourite film?  Mine is Willy Wonka.

CM:  Betsy loves Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too! And Matilda, Brave and Tinkerbell.

Cyrus:  Do Tig like parks?

CM:   She loves parks especially the slide and the swings!

Cyrus:  How old Woolly?  I think he 4.  I 4.  I big boy.

CM:  I think Woolly is 4 too. Tig got Woolly when she was born.

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