Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Art of Dead Space by Martin Robinson Review

Written By Martin Robinson

Art, Game Tie In


The Art of Dead Space is the ultimate gallery of the Dead Space universe, with over 300 images plus sketches and concept art by acclaimed artists from breathtaking spacescapes to terrifying necromorphs, character designs to creating a religion, plus commentary from the artists. Includes art from, Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction, Dead Space: Ignition, Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3.


I've read a hell of a lot of tie in's recently.  Considering how much of a tie in fan I am and how much of a fan I am of the 'Dead Space' franchise then I was very eager to read this and I was most definitely not disappointed.

In fact, I have got to admit that this is one of the best tie in's that I read.

Pretty much every base is covered here from early drawings right up to the final, finished product.  Some of the art here is just incredible and it's amazing that such detailed and quite frankly scary drawings can  come out of simple sketches.

The drawings are accompanied by some brilliantly interesting facts and figures about the various games and their creation.  The sheer amount of information here is astounding and yet, not once, do they repeat themselves or overload the reader with too much behind the scenes stuff.

There are loads of facts and things that even the most hardened of 'Dead Space' fans would be surprised to find out.  That's not even the biggest strength of the book.  That's the artwork.

Like I said earlier in this review, the art work is spot on and a lot of them haven't been seen by anyone not on the creation team before.  That makes this a very special book and an absolutely essential purchase for all the fans out there.

Maybe it's true that this book could be viewed as a niche book but boy does it conquer that niche well.  It's one of the best books about creating the look and feel of a computer game that I have ever read yet just classing it as that would be doing it a massive disservice.  This is one of the best art books I've read and I for one, will definitely keep coming back to this book again and again.

Presentation 4.5/5
Informative 4.5/5
Recommended 5/5
Overall 14/15

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