Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Katie Mulgrew - Your Dad's Not Funny Live Review

Type: Stand Up Comedy

Venue: The Crumbling Cookie


One of the UK comedy circuit’s “bright young things” (Broadway baby), Katie Mulgrew, never wanted to be a stand up comedian. She wanted to be many things, a lion tamer, a hairdresser, Jet from Gladiators but NOT a comedian.

This is because her Dad is a comedian and they were some awfully big clown shoes to fill.

Join Katie on an autobiographical tale of teen angst, seaside Piers and schoolyard snides.


Let's get one thing out the way straight away.  Katie Mulgrew has a famous dad.  I won't tell you who he is but it's very funny and sweet at the same time.

'Your Dad's Not Funny' is Katie Mulgrew's debut solo hour long show and, while it showed at points, it was very funny.

Mulgrew seems able to cut through her inexperience with sheer wit, charm and warmth that makes the crowd just really feel like it's just like sitting down and having a laugh with a good friend.

Her jokes range from stories about her dad, about her childhood, school, even a story about how she got engaged to her long term boyfriend at Euro Disney.  There are also some one liners that are truly worthy of any cracker yet while another comedian may just groans from the crowd, Mulgrew's mass of friendliness just wins the crowd over at every turn.

All in all, while not a polished performance but that's just due to this having been her debut solo show.  When her experience grows so will the shows become smoother.  I, for one, would definitely go and see Katie Mulgrew again.

Show 3.5/5
Crowd 3.5/5
Recommended 4/5
Overall 11/15

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