Sunday, 30 December 2012

Stories For Children by Oscar Wilde

Written By Oscar Wilde
Illustrated By Jenny Thorne

Short Stories, Childrens


In this beautiful new edition, the rich colours of Jenny Thorne's sumptuous illustrations complement six poignant tales of love and loss, riches and poverty,  hope and happiness.


Oscar Wilde is famous the world over for his wit, stories and the plays.

It's really evident here with his children's stories. While he does deal with some really heavy duty themes of loss, grief and many others, he does it with a wit and grace that makes the stories really sparkle with charm.

The stories themselves are superbly accompanied by some absolutely gorgeous illustrations by Jenny Thorne. The pictures really bring the stories to life and really make the characters jump off of the page.  There are some really beautiful pictures and characters in this collection that absolutely enthralled my little boy so major props to the artist.

My three year old son absolutely loves the stories and the pictures so considering that I got this book for next to nothing, I think that it was an absolute bargain.  I enjoyed the stories and my son enjoyed the stories so there's no reason to really not get this collection.

I really can't recommend it higher. To be perfectly honest, I think that this should be a essential purchase for everyone. It's great for children and for their parents.

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