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Screams and Good Deeds: Tiffani Brooke Fest Talks to COASM

The folks here at COASM are clearly big horror movie fans and with that in mind, it’s our pleasure to welcome Tiffani Brooke Fest in to our little slice of the internet to talk to Patrick Scattergood about her work as well as her fundraising campaign.

PS: Firstly welcome to COASM.

TBF: Thank you so much! And thank you for offering to interview me!

PS: Your bio says that you moved to New York with only $500 and a dream. What made you decide to take such a brave move? 

TBF: Hmmm. Well let’s see. I guess you could say I’ve wanted to be an actress from a very early age. I did community theatre in my hometown in Texas, from around the age of 8, & then went on to performing arts high school. I always told my mom I was moving to NYC to become an actress. And since my mom was a single mother of four, & we didn’t have money for me to go to college, I knew I would have to work hard & get a scholarship. Which I did! So I moved to NYC to go to Fordham University at Lincoln Center and payed my own way by working different part time jobs & going to school.

PS: You’re perhaps best known for movies such as ‘Circus of the Dead’ but what first drew you to the horror genre? 

TBF: To be honest, horror was never my intention. Although I LOVE movies like the original SCREAM, & Sigourney Weaver in ALIENS. I just knew I wanted to act. I sort of fell into the genre by accident.
Tiffany During a Photo Shoot For Malevolent Magazine

The first film I booked when I moved from NYC to LA was a horror film called BLOOD ISLAND, which shot on location for 14 days in Belize. After that – horror seemed to find me I would say. And I’m happy it did. You can’t find more loyal fans, or more down to earth people to work with. It’s truly been such a blessing.

PS: In ‘Circus of the Dead’, you worked with the legendary Bill Oberst Jr, one of the hardest working people in horror today. What would you say was the best moment shooting that movie and working with someone so respected in the genre?

TBF: Well Bill & I have the same talent manager, so I had met him a few times previously but we had never worked together. He is so natural on-camera. I remember we ran through the scene & he was so attentive, his eyes always looking right through you. It made my job really easy. All I had to do was listen & react. It was a surreal experience really. And he’s so caring between takes. Making sure I was comfortable & that I wasn’t hurt. We had a really intense, disturbing scene together & it felt really intimate. Billy Pon – the director, made me feel right at home too. We plan to work on many more projects together. I really love the COTD family.

PS: With the horror genre getting so much flack recently for being violent or gory, what would you say has been the most positive or beautiful impact on your life from being involved with that?

TBF: Like I mentioned before, I have never met more loyal, loving, & supportive fans in my life. They really made me feel like I belonged. Like my performance meant something. It’s funny, because for making such a creepy or “gory” film, I’ve never been on a friendlier set. Horror films are mostly passion projects. So you get people who LOVE what they do. They aren’t in it for the money or the fame, so there is no pretense or Hollywood egos. It’s like a family movie making experience really. Everyone is there because they love it.

PS: What are some of your upcoming projects? Any new genre films?

TBF: Circus of the Dead has opened up so many doors for me. I am forever grateful. So far this year I am shooting the lead role in a paranormal thriller called FORESEEN – you can follow us on FB & check out the trailer at & at

I am also in the middle of shooting a horror comedy called Dinner with the Dwyers – produced by Marv Blauvelt & co-written by Trevor Wright, I get to act alongside some pretty amazing scream queens, like Felissa Rose & Maria Olsen! I feel really lucky! Not only do I play one of the lead roles, I also wrote & perform 2 original songs for the soundtrack. You can follow our FB page for updates –

I’m also shooting Krampus The Devil Returns this winter with Jason Hull – so stay tuned! Follow us on FB at

PS: You’ve recently announced that you are fundraising for a trip to Nepal in the fall to help the survivors of the recent disaster there. What made you decide to step up and volunteer in the efforts to help the survivors there?

TBF: To be honest, I’ve always wanted to volunteer abroad. But for some reason this tragedy just really struck me. I remember the first thing I read was that some 50,000 pregnant women were displaced & giving birth in deplorable conditions. I really wanted to support these courageous women survivors.

PS: With the fundraising in place for the trip, what would be your biggest goal to achieve while there?

TBF: Really my only goal while I’m there is to help these devastated communities rebuild. And to connect to the people there with my whole heart. To offer them my support & encouragement. It’s going to be difficult I know – I was warned to expect to walk up to 4 hours each day to the rural communities we are working with, & that I will either be camping with other volunteers or staying with a host family in very minimalistic conditions. Things like hot showers & wifi won’t be accessible. Things we all take for granted daily – myself included.

PS: How would you say that your Buddhist faith helps you in wanting to help those less fortunate and how would you say that it affects your choice of projects?

TBF: As a practicing Nichiren Buddhist, world peace, & the spreading of humanistic ideals, are part of my mission in this lifetime. Gratitude is the key to happiness & I wanted to express my deep sense of gratitude for my life. When we help others – we truly help ourselves, for it allows us to break through our own suffering & delusion, & builds our inner capacity for compassion & sincerity.

In terms of it affecting the kind of roles I take, all human beings are inherently Buddhas. And suffering equals enlightenment. So as long as I am portraying a human being who is having a human experience, good or bad, I am happy to do it! And if through their suffering we can learn something valuable, then even better!

PS: Before you go, we all here at COASM, just wanted to say good luck with your Nepal journey and the fundraising.

TBF: Thank you soooo much Patrick! I am honoured that you offered to share my mission. I will be arriving in Nepal Sept 28th & will be staying for 3 weeks. I am still ACTIVELY fundraising & EVERY DOLLAR TRULY MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Please share this page with others if you can! Any donation is 100% tax deductible, & goes directly to rebuilding supplies, & housing & feeding volunteers like myself who will be traveling to Nepal & giving their time, their hands, & their hearts. 

Thank you so much for sharing!

Tiffany behind the scenes with Felissa Rose at Dinner With the Dwyers

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