Thursday, 2 July 2015

One From the Closet: Cosplayer Miss Faye Talks to COASM

COASM is joined here today by the cosplayer Miss Faye from Miss Faye’s Cosplay Closet, who has very kindly taken the time to pop in to talk to Patrick Scattergood about her cosplay projects and her inspirations.

Thank you for taking the time to pop in to our little part of the internet.

PS: To someone that may not be familiar with your cosplay work, how would you best describe your cosplay style?

MF: I honestly don't have a certain style, I chose characters I love and want to portray. Its my personal homage to that character.

PS: I’ve noticed that you have a massively wide range of costumes that you cosplay in. What would you say is your absolutely favourite to wear?

MF: My favorite cosplay so far is my Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen, she's a strong female and a fighter, but she's shy and quiet. She's just like me. :-)

Faye as Kanu
PS: Out of all of your amazing costumes, which would you say has been your most complicated to bring to life?

MF; Lulu from Final Fantasy X. I bought the costume since it was out of my skill set, it came in a complete disaster. I had to redo the lace, add more belts, replace the fur, I made the necklaces, styled the wig, made all the hair pieces out of clay and hand painted each one. It was finished the night before the day I was suppose to wear it. I only wore her 3 hours and black out from heat exhaustion. She was very difficult all around, but the end result was perfect!

Faye with her son
PS: How would you describe the world of cosplay to someone that may not be all that familiar with the scene?

MF: Its like Halloween but more intricate. Its portraying a character you love or are intrigued by and going to conventions surrounded by people who love the same thing as you.

PS: Who or what would you say has been your biggest influence on your cosplay work?

MF: My fiance is honestly my biggest influence, and not in the I look up to him way, but in the he keeps me going and reminds me how good I am and how much I love it when I want to give up. If I was too name those that inspired me in the cosplay world it would be a VERY long list!

Faye with her fiance
PS: Cosplay has been seen as quite a divisive side to the convention world. There are many fans of the scene and there are many detractors that say it takes away from the trade side of things. Why do you think that is?

I personally think that cosplay adds to the scene. We're bringing their characters to life. We study the characters and know their ins and outs, I think we bring then more business.

PS: You’ve obviously been to a lot of conventions but what would you say has been the best costume that you have ever seen?

MF: Again to many to list. I love seeing elaborate sewing designs, armor, make up, etc. I hope to achieve that status one day!

Faye as a Christmas version of Black Cat
PS: Do you have any costumes in line for your next cosplay project?

MF: Yes, im working on a punk sailor Pluto with a whole group of Sailor Scouts I orchestrated. Also I have a few I'd like to have finished for Anime Weekend Atlanta that I want to remain secret. ;-)

PS: If you had to give someone advice about how to get in to the world of cosplay, what would be the advice that you are the most likely to give?

MF: Just do it. Jump in with both feet. Study your character, do research, bring it to life, and must importantly have fun!

PS: Where can your fans see you next?

MF: Anime Weekend Atlanta in September!

Faye with her family.

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