Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Promo Images From 'Sleep'

Hey guys, girls, aliens and ghouls.

I wanted to share with you today the project that I have been working on recently.  As you well know, I'm the main writer for Dark Pond Creations but have recently taken up illustrating my own work.

The story I am working on is entitled 'Sleep' and is the first story that I have ever written and illustrated.  I've gone for a style of art that is the complete opposite of the story itself.  In fact, the story is a dark one of revenge and murder so to create an offkilter, slightly unreal feel to it all, I have gone for a simplistic and almost too colourful look for it.  This wasn't an easy decision to make but I wanted to experiment on something to create a story that will hopefully hook you in.

'Sleep' will be appearing in issue two of our anthology series called Flesh Tones.

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