Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Meek Promo Art For You Lovely People!

Well guys, girls, animals and minerals,

With the heat beating down on us here in good ol' England, we can safely say that it is Summer!  As much as I love the winter part of the year, summer always seems to fill me with energy and that leads me in to getting a load of writing down.

I'm currently writing a series with the superbly talented artist named Carlos Moreno, yes the same incredibly talented guy that is working on the Freak Show story as well, and it's named The Meek.

As regular readers to this site will have noticed, it has zombies in.  A truck load of zombies but write it off as just another zombie series at your peril.  With so many twists and turns planned, issue one has shaped up to look absolutely great thanks to the utterly brilliant art that has been jumping in to my inbox.

I am proud to be able to reveal to you, not one but TWO pieces of art connected to the series itself.

Firstly, here's our main character named Edward.  Hero?  Villain?  You'll find out soon enough.

For all you Summer fans out there enjoying the hot weather, don't think we've forgotten you.  Far from it.  Here's a little something to quench your thirst.

With luck, we'll be revealing issue one live at the Nottingham Comic Convention in October so keep your eyes peeled!

All art and story copyright of Dark Pond Creations and Patrick Scattergood and Carlos Moreno.

Come visit the Dark Pond Creations Facebook Page for more info and maybe, if you're all good little zombies, more art and story samples!

Dark Pond Creations

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