Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Lawless Ones Issue 1 Review

Review By Patrick Challis

Written By Victor Wright
Art By Frederico Zumel
Cover By Iain Bell

Published By Geeky Comics

Crime, Thriller


When Jean Harvey arrives in town unexpectedly, she convinces gang members of the 'Brooklyn Blades' to steal money from a bank robbery- the only problem
is the money belongs to the Mob. Red Moseley is a tough Irish gangster ruling the underworld in New York; everyone is scared of him, even the police.
Swearing vengeance the Mob starts the hunt to find out who stole their $2 million dollars.
As a chance of pace for the site instead of the usual horror, superhero or action comics that I normally read and review, here is a review of the first issues of 'The Lawless Ones', written by Victor Wright.
Here Wright has written a very strong story that really has a classic gangster feel to it.  You have the beautiful but deadly woman , you have gangs, you have murder, you have intrigue.  There are so many different layers to the story that you're not sure where it's going to yet and that's one of the main strengths of the story.  You get a lot of hints as to who the big players in the story are but not a whole load of information about them.  That gives you a real  sense of mystery to the story.
One of the characters that interests me the most is that of Jean Harvey.  Why did she choose the certain characters to use to steal the money?  Why did she steal the money?  What has happened in her past that caused her to run?  There are so many questions that I can't wait to get to issue two to see if any of the questions are answered.
The art here has a classic pulp style to it and that really plays well with the story itself.  There's a bit of a 'Road to Perdition' feel to the artwork yet with enough of it's own personality to really hook the reader in.  I'd not seen any of Frederico Zumel's work before but after reading this one, I'm quite tempted to check out some of his other work.
This is definitely a title worth checking out.  It's a slow burner in that while you don't get to see a whole load of the characters past, there are many questions that I, as the reader, can't wait to see if they get answered.
Story 4/5
Art 4/5
Overall 8/10
'The Lawless Ones Issue One' is available to buy from here!

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