Saturday, 18 May 2013

Monkeys and Midgets Issue 1 Review

Review By Patrick Challis

Written By Mike Gagnon
Art By Nelson Danielson
Cover By Nelson Danielson

Published By Hammer Comics

Comedy, Wrestling


The Empire Wrestling League is down on it's luck, and rookie wrestler Davey Goliath is down on his confidence. Throw into the mix some unscrupulous owners and there's a recipe for all ages fun and hilarity. 

When the owners decide to force the athletes to fight un-trainable apes in the ring to cash in on publicity the crew are left to wonder how things could get any worse. 

Find out that and much more by joining us for the first installment of Monkeys and Midgets! 


After reading 'The Almighties', a title that Mike Gagnon co-created with Sam Johnson, I had very high hopes for this title.  In fact, it sounded absolutely hilarious when I read the write up to it.

This first issue works well as an introduction to the general style of the title, although with a title like 'Monkeys and Midgets', I think it's pretty obvious what you are going to get.

The humor is developed with broad brush strokes and while not all the jokes work, it still had me smiling all the way through the comic itself.

When you look at the cover of this issue, you know that you won't get something high art but what we do get is a title with a heart to it.  Is it a bit immature?  Yes but that's a good thing.  I think the best way to describe it would be that the title itself is a bit of a throwback but meant in a good way.  It's a throwback to silly childhoods and to just clowning around, sometimes that's all you need.

The midget part of the story isn't really touched upon all that much in this issue.  In fact, you wouldn't know they're midgets unless someone told you.  It's the same with the monkeys in the title as well, we don't get to see them here yet but I'm going to hazard a guess that they turn  up in the next one.

Writing wise, the story is a easy to follow and get in to.  I loved that the story was black and white with it's characters.  Davey is good, Machismo is arrogant and so on and so forth with the rest of the characters incredibly likeable to such an extent that I'm looking forward to seeing some more about them in the next issue.

The art work by Danielson has a simple but cartoon style to it and it works very well with the writing.  You don't need to be all flash and bang all the time.  Sometimes less is more and that's the credos here and it works.

If you go in to this title expecting silliness and fun then you are going to be more than  covered here.  If you want to just kick back and laugh, that's covered too.  It's not a perfect issue or anything but it's one that I'm most definitely going to check out again.

Story 3.5/5
Art 3.5/5
Overall 7/10

Get 'Monkeys and Midgets' Issue one here

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