Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Glass Thorns: Touchstone and Elsewhens By Melanie Rawn Review

Review By Sian Evans

Written  By Melanie Rawn

Fantasy,  Adventure


The two books follow one after the other surrounding the life of Cayden Silversun, a player in a traveling theatre group which uses magic for performances, who comes across an elf who he is  oddly drawn to, during all this he has bursts of visions showing possible futures, possible outcomes and all involving the elf, Mieka.


I felt the need to review these two books together as they seamlessly flow from one book to the other, as soon as I finished Touchstone I picked up Elsewhen straight away as I could not bear the thought of having to wait too long!

Initially I found it a bit hard going, the details in setting the scene were that intricate I became slightly over whelmed, but not even halfway through the chapter I picked up my stride and I was hooked!

The writing style is such that I could almost feel the emotions being projected through the performances in the taverns, the characters were so well constructed I found myself worrying about characters along with the other characters!

I also loved the use of old English words and other beautiful words that I thoroughly intend to recirculate back into the British vocabulary such as beholden for thank you.

Words cannot fully encapsulate how mesmerising these books are, once I had finished the last words of the last book I felt almost a sense of loss that I could not carry on the adventure!

Overall, two fantastic pieces of literature and I sincerely hope to see a third (fourth/fifth/tenth!) installment to catch up on what now feel a bit like old friends

Much beholden Melanie :)

Story 5/5
Characters 5/5
Recommended 5/5
Overall 15/15

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