Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Giant George: Life with the World's Largest Dog by Dave Nasser and Lynne Barrett-Lee Review

Review By Patrick Challis

Written By Dave Nasser and Lynne Barrett-Lee

Published By Simon & Schuster

Autobiography, Pets


With his big blue eyes and soulful expression, George was the irresistible runt of the litter. But Dave and Christie Nasser's "baby" ended up being almost five feet tall, seven feet long, and 245 pounds. Eager to play, and boisterous to the point of causing chaos, this big Great Dane was scared of water, scared of dogs a fraction of his size and, most of all, scared of being alone. 


I'm not going to lie to you guys and girls.  I am a complete sucker for a good story about how a pet or animal changes a persons life for the better and this book is most definitely one of those.

However, what raises it from the normal level of quality from the other books in this genre is the easy style of the writers Nasser and Barrett-Lee.  The best way to describe this book would be that their style writing makes it feel like you're sat with them having a chat.  It's that personal touch that makes this book so wonderful to read.

This book shows the journey that Dave Nasser and his wife take when they decide to get married and then move in together.  After deciding to get a Great Dane puppy that was the runt of it's litter, the book follows the trials and tribulations of not only the Nasser family but of George as well.

George the dog has been on a great many television shows and the amount  of love that the family feel for this massive hound is evident in the writing.  There are some absolutely hilarious stories of the hi-jinx that George gets up to.  When a dog of that size is getting up to mischief then you certainly know it.

Despite the title, this isn't just a book about a really blooming big dog.  Far from it, it's a great and very touching story of family and of a newly married couple learning to work together.

Will this book change the world or your life?  No.  But it's so heartfelt and touching that you will find yourself smiling and that's the power of a good book isn't it?

Presentation 4/5
Informative 3.5/5
Recommended 4/5
Overall 11.5/15

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