Saturday, 30 March 2013

In Dream World: Volume 2 - Aloft in a Dream Graphic Novel Review

Review By Patrick Challis

Written By Jae-Ho Yoon
Art By Jae-Ho Yoon
Cover By Jae-Ho Yoon

Fantasy, Adventure, Manga


The quest to find a way home continues for the In Dream World voyagers. Hanee, Bunny Girl and Drake journey in a mighty airship, where a stowaway named Mei joins them. 

Mei can harness special powers from a magical tree, which proves invaluable in the battle against the Nightmares. But what are the Nightmares really after? And what is hidden in Rosemary's past? 

Truths are revealed and secrets are exposed in this magical volume of 'In Dream World' by Jae-Ho Yoon.


As a bit a late comer to the Manga world, I've been snapping up titles left, right and center in these last couple of years.  This one had a great reputation as being an exciting and fantastical tale with some really solid and well written characters but is that what I got here?

Well, yes and no.

The story itself is indeed a fantastical and magical tale with a hell of a lot of twists and turns in the story itself.  In fact, there seems to be a couple of stories all running alongside each other.  My favourite of these is the tale involving the character named Drake, who seems to have a really mysterious past and none of the characters seem to know all that much about him.  I did like how a couple of parts were revealed here and there about him in this volume as well as some things about the other characters.  Some of the reveals were quite big and weren't what I was expecting at all but others seemed to fall a little flat but then again, not all of them can be winners.

Characters wise, we're only in to volume two so there's still a bit of development going on but that doesn't get in to the way of the good story.  In fact, Jae-Ho Yoon really knows how to spin a good yarn as the saying goes.

Art wise, it's solid but I had a couple of problems keeping up with what was going on, especially in the battle scenes as there seemed to be too much going on at the same time to be able to keep track of what each character was going.  One of the things that really bugged me was there would be randomly placed panels showing somebodies butt.  A lot of these just happened in the battle scenes too.  What on Earth does that have to do with the story or the battle itself?  I found that really distracting and even though the art is solid, I marked it down because of that.

While the story is fine and exciting with a fantastical edge, the art work and the random placings of panels with peoples butts really let it down.  Also some of the panels were so cluttered that I couldn't work out who was where and what was happening to them.

An OK addition to a Manga collection but not one that I would call essential.

Story 3.5/5
Art 3/5
Overall 6.5/10


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