Friday, 1 February 2013

Kensington Gore's Diary: Another Year Closer To Death Announcement

Kensington Gore.  A name very easily linked to the horror world and a man responsible for scaring the living crap out of us too many times to count.

As part of his 2012, Mr Gore decided to come out of retirement and get funding to get a movie made.  To coincide with this, he also decided to write a diary telling his fans all about his quest along with many other and funny little adventures on the side.

These stories range from his personal view of the olympics, his emergence in to the world of reality television via 'Come Dine With Me' right up to a pig named Bacon Sandwich.

Now for three days only from Sunday the 3rd to Tuesday 5th, this amazingly funny but very politically incorrect diary is free.


That means guys that no money changes hands!

So to sum up, all you ghouls and zombies out there, go to the Amazon website and pick yourself up a copy of this diary.  You won't be disappointed.

While you're there, get your wallet out and buy a copy of his new joke book.

Happy hunting guys and ghouls.

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