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Deck Z: The Titanic by Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon Book Review

Written By Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon

Horror, Historical 


Imagine being trapped aboard the doomed Titanic on an icy Atlantic. . . with the walking dead. This fast-paced thriller reimagines the historical events of the fateful Titanic voyage through the lens of zombie mayhem. Captain Edward Smith and his inner circle desperately try to contain a weaponized zombie virus smuggled on board with the 2,200 passengers sailing to New York. Faced with an exploding population of lumbering, flesh-hungry undead, Smith's team is forced into bloody hand-to-hand combat down the narrow halls of the huge steamer. In its few short days at sea, the majestic Titanic turns into a Victorian bloodbath, steaming at top speed toward a cold, blue iceberg. A creepy, tense page-turner, Deck Z will thrill zombie fans and Titanic buffs alike.


'Deck Z' is the debut novel of a pairing of authors named Chris Pauls and Matt Solomon and that manages to do something very rare.

The novel takes two very well worn ideas, in this case zombies and the tragic voyage of the Titanic, and manages to create something completely new.

The story itself combines the story of a scientist named Weiss, who after finding out that the Nazi's want his viral of 'The Toxic' to use as a weapon, decides to embark on a journey to America on the Titanic to escape.

After starting off in methodical fashion, the pace really picks up but the authors manage to combine having a cracking and exciting pace with having fully realized characters. A lot of the characters are based on real people that actually were on the Titanic itself but Pauls and Solomon really do these people justice and have written them with a massive amount of respect. The best of this, by far, being the Captain himself. Sometimes people seem to portray him as the bad guy of the tragedy and some portray as a all conquering hero yet here he's written as a normal guy with a past yet has a sense of pride and duty.

The character of Weiss himself is written with multiple layers, which is a very pleasant surprise for a zombie story. At times he is played as an immoral scientist who will stop at nothing and at others he is portrayed as a hero. As someone who wants nothing more than to find the cure for the horrible virus that has been released.

Another thing that absolutely amazed me was the sheer amount of research that must have done in to this novel. Every little detail about the Titanic itself and the liners history is used and that really adds an air of realism to proceedings.

Even though everybody knows the tragic end of the Titanic, here the authors have made the reader so involved in the story that when the inevitable collision happens, it's heart breaking reading about the struggles to get people in to the lifeboats etc. I found myself welling up more than once.

All in all, what we have here is an story that either shouldn't work or should come across as hokey works fantastically well and ends up being really affecting.

I really can't wait to see what these guys are going to come up with next. Highly recommended.

Story 4/5
Characters 5/5
Recommended 4/5
Overall 13/15

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